Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fictions of the "New Medicare"

On March 5 at CNN, President Obama said that the rising cost of healthcare will destroy any healthcare reform initiative, unless we do something about it. White House then came out with a report claiming that we can save 30% of Medicare's costs. The blog world tried to square this claim with Obama's healthcare reform initiative, the obvious question being, Why is the government wasting 30% of our Medicare money? The followup question is, How do we know that the Federal Government won't screw up Obama's healthcare reform, or what I'd like to call the "New Medicare"?

Well, some people have already started thinking about how the New Medicare, envisioned by President Obama and Peter Orszag, will look like. This is an on-going story, being posted in a serial fashion. It is an engrossing and sad vision of our future.

People who have faith in a government solution should be careful. They might get what they wish for.

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