Thursday, July 9, 2009

New MRAP-like Capability Gaps

Paul McLeary of Aviation Week asked a question: What is our next MRAP-like capability gap? In other words, a capability gap that the US military has been underfunding, but which would be catastrophic in our next war?

I came up with 3 gaps, one for each of the departments, 'cuz I'm joint in my heart :)

1.) AAM seeker diversity: AIM-120 desperately needs an infrared seeker alternative. Or a hyperspectral sensor.
2.) Corvettes/Frigates/PCs for Navy: they need more smaller ships. that one will come up when we intervene in a coastal situation again. Galrahn is talking about this one right now.
2.) An airborne-capable tank would be nice.

One of the commenters said cyber, but that's kind of getting enough attention as it is. An MRAP like capability gap is usually very conventional and un-sexy. That's why we get "surprised" when it happens.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

very interesting read !

could you expand a little on the airborne tank concept ? what would you expect out of it ? would it be able to survive in the modern battlefield ?

I guess different tactics would be needed to ensure survivability. what would those be ?

is this similar to the VDV equipment of the russians ?

Jimmy said...


I've made an article out of my reply to you.