Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Honduras: The Drama Continues

Heard on the news today that Zelaya is back in Honduras, holding out at the Brazilian Embassy. Brazil's Lula is calling for a peaceful solution to the crisis. Yes, that would be waiting for the planned December elections! Why can't people just wait three more months?!

But anyway, this embassy standoff will be revealing on Brazilian embassies' preparedness procedures. It appears that the Brazilian embassy was not prepared for Zelaya's appearance nor the subsequent standoff. Now that the utilities have been cut off, the embassy has to rely on its stored supplies.

In general, without previous preparation, people can hardly hold out for more than three days. So if the embassy can hold out for more than three days, we can conclude that Brazil has a quite robust preparedness protocol for its embassies. That would be an interesting indicator on Brazil's worldview in general.

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