Thursday, January 7, 2010

An Iranian Perspective on the Iranian Protests

Foreign Policy is posting an article by an Iranian writer, about the Iranian protests. He characterises the protests as a civil rights movement, rather than a full-on revolution.,0

In the article, he affirms one of my previous conclusions, which is that the IRGC may well sacrifice Khamenei to preserve their own livelihood in Iran.

Mr. Majd says that the Green Movement, in its majority, is only a call for civil rights at this moment. I disagree. The politicians harnessing the Green Movement are channeling it toward civil rights. However, the crowds do not have a clear aim. People take to the streets because they're angry. The street movement represents the emotions of the people. The People are angry at the regime, whether it be Khamenei or the government in total.

Regardless, the speed of this movement means that we will see the conclusion within the year, either a political compromise or outright revolution.

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