Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gates Strikes Again

Sec (Dr) Robert Gates has struck again.  He is eliminating 50 flag positions and 150 SESs [Senior Executive Service], as well as chopping JFCOM down to size.  This is great.  We certainly should not fall into the Royal Navy's problem of having more Admirals than ships.  That he's allowing the services to keep any future savings is certainly a good incentive for more cost cutting.

As Dr Gates has acknowledged, military healthcare is the elephant in the room that we need to control.  As I've discussed before, right now the services get to pawn off retiree healthcare to the VA, which just lets them off of any consequences of abusing their people.  We need to hold the generals accountable for excessive disability among the veterans, especially the preventable ones such as hearing loss and sit-up-induced lower spinal injuries.

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