Thursday, December 10, 2009

Honduras Follow-Up

The New York Times has a note on the continuing Honduras drama. It's nice to see that Zelaya is negotiating an exit to Mexico. That indicates Zelaya is giving up on his claim to the presidency. Hopefully when he leaves, that will be the end of the drama. Perhaps he'll continue calling himself, the "Rightful President of Honduras", and be accorded diplomatic respect during his travels. That'll fulfill his dreams of an unending presidency without subjecting the Honduras people to a constitutional crisis.

It is also nice to see that cooler heads prevailed in the US, and that we're recognizing the Honduras government. Depressingly, only Colombia, Panama, Peru, and Costa Rica, of Latin America, have followed suit in recognizing the election. Perhaps this is the rise of opposing camps in Latin America.

I want to go back to my earlier observation on the Brazilian embassy preparations. It appeared that Brazil evacuated most personnel out of its embassy during the siege, so that allowed Zelaya to hold out for a longer period of time. Micheletti may also have allowed humanitarian supplies to go in, therefore rendering the indicator invalid.

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